Blog in Transition….Embracing Change

EMBRACE CHANGEI found this little book at a cute little home store in Fairview when I went to visit my mom a few weeks ago. Embracing change by Kelly Rae Roberts – a short and sweet book of encouragement. It spoke to my soul. There actually were quite a few of these types of books from this author. Love her style and what she is doing!! I did see the books are available on amazon and she has website.

My blog is in a bit of transition as I feel is also happening in my real life as well.
I’ve pretty much wiped the blog clean leaving basically a few recipes posts….
You may or may not have heard the FDA has been coming down on  business’ in the natural/alternative health field who may make health claims. Right now a big one in the spotlight is essential oil companies since they have become more and more mainstream and everyone is wanting to learn how to use for themselves and their families. Any claims being made by essential oil companies and its representatives of said company is not okay since it may be considered a drug claim where prescription or over the counter medicines may be available for that. Even if the claims are true of personal experience with the oils helping them/me/you with a health concern we can’t say that it helped my sinus infection or my grandmas arthritis. It will all be more generically said. Makes perfect sense. Right? Not so much. You know big pharma doesn’t want you to be taking something natural that doesn’t benefit them.

So I have deleted many, many past posts of success stories and that may or may not have had drug related success claims.

But that’s A – ok!!!  I am moving on, not from essential oils but just doing it different.
I’m still going to post about natural remedies that are near and dear to my heart and such just in a different way and not brand specific for some things. If you want to learn more about essential oils and which brand I prefer, have questions??
email me I’m always happy to chat.

I’m also going to be doing lots more personal posts – {actually I have been doing all along but just haven’t hit POST for one mind tricking, self doubting moment or other. I’m going to try to stop that. I’m never going to grow to where I want to be.
I’m going to “Embrace Change”.

Much love & wellness