Friday Favorites


My Glasses

Yay!!! I finally can see….Like for reals!!!




It’s been way too long and I am very, very grateful. I broke my last pair not too long after I got them and just never got another pair – I got more contacts – but contacts and I don’t really get a long. It’s kind of amazing the difference in being able to see and not. Seeing someones eyes on the tv and not have it all be so fuzzy!! haha. It’s the little things in life isn’t it? And as I took this picture of myself I am now realizing they obviously did not put on the anti reflective coating I paid for!! I guess I’ll be heading back this weekend. That’s kind of a bummer. :/ But like I mentioned at the start I ¬†truly am grateful for my new glasses. And I think they are pretty cute! ūüôā

New Tahari duvet

I went to Home Goods a couple days ago and scored this super cute Tahari Duvet cover for my bed. ONLY $25 – super score!!! I LOVE HOME GOODS!!! The bed still needs some love I know with some pillows and such. ¬†But I’m happy with the find.
I have also been debating whether or not to paint my bed possibly a white or super soft grey??? But this is a start towards a little bedroom makeover!!

Adele Track Pants 


I LOVE track pants. They are the comfiest thing in the world.¬†I went in to Cotton On¬†and bought me a maroon pair which they aren’t showing online here! And wore them for like 3 days straight. Heaven – then my husband was running to the mall to pick up his computer and I asked him to grab me another pair. And he came back with not one but 2!!! AWWWW!!! He’s such a sweetheart gotta love a guy who does that. So I now ¬†have 3. Maroon, dark grey/black and the Eva Red Marle (or coral is what I would call it) And hello they are only $15. You can find them HERE


My new lovely aromatherapy Necklace 




A sweet friend Michelle made this necklace for me. On the back of the¬†square peice is a felt pad where you put a¬†few drops of¬†essential oils on it. I really was surprised how long the scent lasts. I have been putting bergamot oil on the pad. It’s one of my favorite oils right now!! Very Calming – purifying and cleansing for the skin. You can add in your tea.

Citrus Coconut Macaroon Cookies





These babies are healthy and so easy!!! I got this recipe from Rachel at Clean Food Crush. She has amazing recipes!!! Hers are called Sweet Meyer Lemon Coconut Macaroons.
I did not have a lemon but I did have oranges that Jeff is growing in our basement. {crazy i know – it’s pretty cool – they are the juiciest things ever!!!! So I added juice from an orange and added lemon essential oil. Her recipe does not call for coconut flour I added it because mine seemed a little runny but most likely to how much orange juice I put in.

These really are so good – no sugar and gluten free.

Simple Directions for 12 cookies:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Coat cookie sheet with coconut oil(lightly)

In large bowl combine the following ingredients:

2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
2 egg whites – I just used liquid egg whites.
Juice of half an orange
5-10 drops lemon essential oil (I only use pure essential oils – message me for my recommendations if you like)
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1/4 tsp vanilla extract ‚óŹ
Stevia to taste 25 drops or a tsp or so of the powder.

{Combine all ingredients very well with a fork. Smash into Tablespoon size balls
I used a small cookie scoop.

It’s VERY important to press together firmly, so they keep their shape & not crumble during baking.
Bake at 350 for 12-13 minutes, just until sides begin to brown.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Much love & wellness
XO, Amy