Florida Getaway ……. Yeah!!!

I just got back from a trip to Florida to surprise my sister Angie who was about to Turn 40 in a few days.  My bday is the day before heres, we are only one day less than a year apart. We normally spend our birthdays apart and each year we say how stupid it is that we aren’t celebrating them together!! Well I couldn’t let that happen with her turning 40 and I having a plane ticket credit that needed to be used by December. So I spoke with her husband to let him know I was wanting to come out for a surprise and he would need to pick me up from the airport.

With my sweet husband and older kids on board to let me leave and knowing that they were going to take over and take care of the little kids I was off and on my way.
Scot picked me up and drove to their home. I got out of the car as he pulled in the garage and went into say hello then a few minutes later I went to front door and rang the door bell “SURPRISE”!!!  It was so fun to see her and be there for her!! I had not been out in over 3 years….way to long!!

Her husband  did another huge surprise for her and I got to reap the benefits and had rented a 3 bedroom condo right on the beach at Indian Shores Beach for the next two nights!!! So we stayed the first night at her house and then packed up and headed for the beach next morning about an hour away!!

                                                { Her gang at the condo}


I came luckily at the right time because there had been so much rain the days prior to me being there. The first couple of days were absultely beautiful warm and sunny!!
The last day it did decide to pour rain around noon so that was that!! And we headed out, It was amazing while it lasted, The sun, ocean and listening to the waves for a few days was amazingly good for the soul.


IMG_1898{ INDIAN SHORES COFFEE – This coffee shop was adorable with the best iced coffees. It was just a short walk from our condo! }

IMG_1936                                                   { HAPPY 40TH Sister!!! }

We ate some delicious food while we were there. So much fun – After the beach was over headed back to Angie and Scot’s house for the rest of the trip – relaxed by the pool, ate more yummy food and got mani and pedicures and my last night I gave the whole family some love and thankfulness for having me with aromatherapy massages.

My sister is such a great support to me and I love being so close to her and being able to share such special times together – for reals and virtual – of course in person is best!!

I can’t wait to go back and bring the whole family next time. We’ll try to make that in well under another 3 years.


Love flying Southwest they have a fun spirit about them And they are funny! My favorite line from last flight was.

“There is no smoking in the airplane – if you feel the need to smoke you can take a step out onto the wing and if you can light it you can smoke it!”

Ha pretty cute!!

My husband and the two littles surprised me waiting at the the baggage claim for me with lots of welcome home cards!! They all survived me being away for a week. I think it went ok for them. There were a couple of sad times I had done FaceTime with the kids and poor little Wilkie never wanted me to say goodbye and cried the saddest little cry and please don’t say good bye and for me to come home. ;( Oh that’s so hard!!! But it is amazing how a week can go by in about 2 days and you’re already back on a plane headed home!! I am so grateful for everyone taking over and letting me go! I missed everyone like crazy nice to be home but nice to get away!!

IMG_2005                                                           { Piper D }


{ Wilkie and Daddy }
Travel going anywhere even if it’s a couple hours away can be a great escape if you don’t have the time or money to go out of state. We have done many getaways to Park City, St. George and even Salt Lake.

Do you have a favorite place to travel? Going on a trip soon? Would love to hear!!

Much love & wellness,

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