Gratitude and Generosity

Is it just me or does Thanksgiving get the short end of the stick more and more each year. It’s really kind of bugging me!! I went to Target last week hoping to pick up a couple decorations for Thanksgiving and I had envisioned a Give Thanks type of banner for my mantle or on my wall – Um that’s not happening – there was not one decoration that I found – all Christmas. Such a bummer. I mentioned something to the girl at check out and she said they had cleared it all out after Halloween. What??? I don’t get it? I think it’s sad.

I want to tell you about a Gratitude and Generosity series that Tiffany Peterson does every year that I am in love with! I am late in introducing this to you but there is still time to get in on the love and spirit of the Thanksgiving season. Tiffany is a mentor and huge inspiration to me. She is an incredible speaker that I was immediately smitten with her the first time I heard her speak.

Tiffany has a guest each Wednesday in Nov. that she talks with.
 Just go  to and enter your email.
You will immediately get last wednesdays call with Ann Webb – love her too.
you will have access to listen to that call until this Wednesday’s new session.
Dan Clark was first week – It was SO good – sorry I’m so late dang it –
(you can purchase session from her though – so you haven’t fully  missed out)
He really was incredible and had some great stories that were tear jerkers for sure!

Tiffany asks for 3 things during this series….


1. When you first wake  thank God/Universe for another day of life .

2. Express your gratitude in writing – Write at least 5 things you are thankful for each day.
Either in a specific gratitude journal or a just a notebook.

3. Give back to someone daily. Kind acts for others.
It doesn’t have to be a lot of money – it can be your time.
send thank you notes, or thinking of you notes, buy someones coffee or meal anonymously,  Make dinner for a neighbor, watch their children so they can have a break or go on a date with their loved one, Tell someone how much you appreciate them, what they have done to make a difference in your life, volunteer, leave secret gifts……


I bought these cards from the store the other day – Hallmark has a .49 cent section! Who knew? This made my day – I have a hard time paying $7 for a card call me crazy – and they really have some cute ones – so again you don’t have to spend a lot it’s the little things that you can do for others. Even just sending a text and telling someone thank you or you have been thinking about them – besides just thinking it – ACTUALLY DO IT!

I am grateful for Tiffany and this series and I am Grateful for YOU.

I would love to hear your feedback from those of you that take the time to listen and join the group.

Again to participate go HERE

Much Love, Wellness AND Gratitude



“We can always be grateful and we can always be generous.” Tiffany Peterson

full out

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