Let Freedom Ring – Abby Anderson – This song will give you chills! Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July!!! I have to tell you about this song I keep thinking about – (Well actually two of them) – they are so beautiful and sweet!
One for fathers & daughters/brides “Daddy” and one for the 4th of July – “Let Freedom Ring” both by Abby Anderson

I was at my parents house a couple of weeks ago, Fathers Day weekend and my dad was telling me about this “incredible, patriotic song that a 17 year old girl named Abby Anderson sang on Glen Beck the other day! The best rendition he had ever heard” She had re-wrote – rearranged  “My country Tis of Thee”  into   “Let Freedom Ring”  the night before – mind you – she was to sing a song at graduation! Wow. Here it is!

Did I mention she is 17 years old!!!!    Amazing – I love it!
You can download it on itunes for .99 cents and it all goes to charity for veterans and edcuation.

When my dad was trying to pull up the song on you tube – we first found this video of Abby’s called “Daddy” which was so ironic because I was also at my dad’s for our surprise wedding that my fiance Jeff and I had been secretly planning & were going to be having there the next day – My dad and no one else in my family had a clue  about – so when this song came on I was trying so hard not to cry & hide my emotions – it was so sweet! My dad hadn’t heard this song before either but we both just sat there and listened and watched this sweet video about a girl and love she had for her dad and new love/husband.
Talk about perfect crazy timing!


(Details & pics of our surprise wedding will be on the blog  soon)

I’d love to hear what you think of these songs.

Happy 4th of July everyone – Hope it is a great and safe day for everyone!

***Oh and if you have dogs that are scared of the fireworks? Did you know that essential oils can help calm them? Diffusing  lavender oil and calming blends & putting a little oil on their paws, along the spine and rubbing on their chest helps to calm them.
Also if you’re going out, leave the tv on for them with some noise in the house.

Much Love and Wellness,

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